• joy GUIDE:


    A fellow human with tools to live more joyfully.


    A state of being despite external circumstances. A side effect of love, gratitude, and acceptance.

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    I'm a joy guide.

    I'm your guide to living with more joy, peace, and freedom.

    I am a fellow human who has been angry, hurt, disconnected, and weary of suffering. I am also a fellow human who has been given tools, talents, and training to live life more joyfully.


    Together we identify what's preventing you from living in joy, peace, and freedom. Then you learn practices that dis-empower fear and suffering so you are empowered to live the life you truly want to live.


    The Joy Guide journey enables personal growth through intentional conversation to reveal your true self. Because before you can change something you must first notice it.


    I'm not interested in empty encouragement or pretending to be perfect. I'm interested in honest exploration that leads to more enjoyment of the life you were created to be living.

  • who this is for

    Anyone who wants...

    • More ability to see clearly
    • More ability to make better choices
    • More connection in relationships
    • More relaxation
    • More peace of mind
    • More enjoyment of the moment

    who it's not for

    Anyone who does not want...

    • To feel joy, peace, freedom, and connection
    • To challenge the status quo of their lives
    • To see and experience life more fully
    • To experience emotional discomfort
    • To change, achieve, and grow
    • To have more satisfying relationships
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    The JOY

    of the LORD

    is my STRENGTH


    Are you ready now? Then now! Message me and we'll get started. Need more info? Keep reading...


    In person. Through Skype. Over Hangouts. Whatever way we can look each other in the eye to be real with each other on this journey.

    time commitment

    Sessions are two hours each. I recommend once a week for no fewer than 8 weeks. There will be homework, but you already know all the answers so there's no pressure.


    An 8 Session Package starts at $1500. But I also have unique ways of pricing so don't let that hold you back from contacting me!


    Download the Starter Session Kit including, "What is a Joy Guide?", "Pre-Session Questions", the "Expectations Pact", and "My Personal Journey to Becoming a Joy Guide".

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  • About Me

    Wife, dog mom, dancer, writer, snowboarder. Believer, encourager, truth-seeker. Excellent listener, terrible baker, denim aficionado. Laughter lover, humor finder. Adventurista, road-tripper, beach enthusiast. Longboarder, pink lover, extrovert, coffee drinker.


    I discovered Joy Guiding through my own Joy Guide, Kathy Indermill who mentored me in all her wisdom to be here for you. You can read more about my journey through Joy Guiding with the free Starter Session Kit! And because you're considering sharing you deepest self with some one who is currently a stranger I've included an introduction so you can know me, too. Just click here to read it.

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