• REcent Series: Every Day Faith, January 1st - 11th

    Sharing my real life journey as I practice faith.


    Supporter, Encourager, Coach.


    Intentional conversations for spiritual healing, growth, and maturity so you can carpe the crap out of your diems!

    "For the JOY of the LORD is your STRENGTH."

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    I'm Tabitha!

    I am a fellow human who has been desperate, hurting, confused, and tired of suffering. I am a fellow human who has experienced healing, understanding, and renewal through perfect love. I am also a fellow human who is passionate about supporting and loving young women in their faith journey, and enjoying every minute of the adventure!


    Together we identify what stops you from living with joy, peace, and freedom. We learn Biblical concepts and apply them to your life through steps of a daily faith practice, prayer, self-awareness, and noticing.


    I'm not interested in pretty quotes and empty encouragement. I'm interested in intentional conversations and practices that grow genuine faith to live the blessed life God has promised you.

  • What This Is

    • growth based in Biblical concepts
    • developing self-awareness and gratitude
    • discernment in choosing life's paths
    • clarity on what you truly need and want
    • navigating expectation and disapointment
    • finding joy in the journey

    what this is not

    • professional psyhchotherapy
    • another pretty Bible study
    • blind following of churchy traditions
    • accepting pop culture definitions of self
    • empty encouragement and lip service
    • condescending "help"
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    The JOY

    of the LORD

    is my STRENGTH

    I am passionate about supporting young women who Fall into any of these categories...

    • don't quite fit in to the study groups most churches offer.
    • want to understand and really live out the promises of their creator.
    • haven't chosen the marriage/family path, and aren't sure yet if that life is for them.
    • crave more substance than what fashion magazines and style blogs have to offer.
    • are searching for deeper relationships than cocktails and swiping right.
    • know there's something more inside that has yet to be unleashed.
    • want to heal fear, pain, loneliness, and anxiety.
  • Pricing

    I'm passionate about about this project. We'll work out payment that works for you. "And my God will supply every need." Phil. 4:18


    Every package starts with initial session of about 1.5 hours, but after that the time commitment is truly based on your needs!

    Your Joy Guide Package

    Every woman is unique in her passions, learning style, and journey which is why I design your package for you! While every Joy Guide package is fully customized to your life they always include varying frequency and lengths of time of face time, phone calls, and texting.

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    Let's talk! You don't have to be interested in signing up to just say hi and share about yourself!

  • About Me

    Wife, dog mom, dancer, writer, snowboarder. Jesus follower, faith grower, encourager, truth-seeker. Excellent listener, terrible baker, denim aficionado. Laughter lover, humor finder. Adventurista, road-tripper, beach enthusiast. Longboarder, pink lover, extrovert, coffee drinker.


    I love young women seeking their place in this world. I am passionate about supporting women in discovering their joy in the journey through faith and trust in their creator.


    There's more detail about my personal brand of weird on the About Tabitha page.

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