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    Supporting women in their habit of abiding in Jesus.

    Every Day Faith Study is here to support you in building your faith in order for you to fearlessly live your God-inspired adventure! EDF Study offers a Daily Scripture Guide every month, as well as weekly Bible studies on Instagram Live! Click here to get them!


    EDF Study offers FREE support, encouragement, tips, and resources to create and stick with your daily Word time! I believe that every moment we are invited to adventure through obedience to His voice, but in order to do that we must RECOGNIZE and TRUST His voice! How do we do that? By knowing His Word! Follow Every Day Faith Study on Instagram for daily encouragement, and sign up to get the Daily Scripture Guide!


    Every Day Faith Study is founded on John chapter 15 "Abide", and Hebrews chapter 11, "Now, by faith". Every Day Faith Study is founded and run by me, Tabitha Bigbee, from my laptop and phone in Big Bear, California. If you feel compelled to support this ministry click here.

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  • Meet Tabitha...

    Christian Growth Coach

    I am a wife, dog mom, ballet dancer, and Faith Coach. I love adventure, people, and supporting women to grow their faith!


    I believe God created each of us with an adventure. I believe that adventure doesn't necessarily mean preaching overseas or working at clinics in third world countries. It means being obedient moment by moment and day by day to the voice of our Creator!


    I believe that transformation comes through the Word of God. I believe that asking for support is the smartest and bravest things we can do. More about me here.


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    Certification and Training:


    2015 - 2016: Green Zone Life Coach Training with Kathy Indermill.


    2018: Certified Growth Coach through Lifeforming Leadership Coaching via Christian Coaching School.

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