• Tabitha Bigbee:

    Content Writer and Blogger

    Website Copy

    An "About" section that perfectly sums up who you are without putting anyone to sleep. Also: Bios and descriptions.


    Fresh and fun conversational blogs that keep both your audience and the search engines happy and informed.


    Stay up to date on exactly what search engines want and DON'T want to keep your SEO game on point.

  • Why I'm Good At This

    What makes me a great content writer.


    I'm a little different and my quirks show up the most when it comes to showcasing your company's ever growing story in an inventive way.


    Talk with people not at them. My style of writing effortlessly engages audiences because, well, they're people.


    Trust is everything. Build authenticity into your website through copy that shares the genuine care you have for your clients.

  • Words I've Written

    Industries: Bridal Attire, Adventure, Wedding Jewelry, Touch Screens, Bespoke Jewelry. Lifestyle, Adventure Travel

    MEG Wedding Jewelry

    January 2013 - Present

    Blogging for gorgeous handmade Wedding Jewelry company. Real Jewelry for Real Brides. Sold throughout the US, Canada, and in Japan. Find it at the famous Kleinfeld Bridal in NYC.

    Team #WeLive Mongol Rally 2016

    November 2015 - Present

    Website layout, content, and blogging for Team #WeLive; an adventure team tackling the trek of a lifetime.


    Shameless promo: I'm part of 5 women in 2 cars crossing 10,000 miles for charity and to change women's lives forever. Be part of our commitment to voiceless women. Contribute to our journey to be the change. July of 2016.

    Camarillo Bridal

    February 2011 - April 2015

    All web content and blogging for the premier wedding gown boutique of Ventura County, CA. Currently being re-opened under new ownership

    CyberTouch Touch Screens

    September 2014 - June 2015

    Blogging for the Bentley of custom professional grade Touch Screens used in hospitals, museums, and classrooms across America. Based in Thousand Oaks, CA.

    Just For Fun

    My personal blog

    Get a peek at who I am, what I love, and how I write.

  • Let's Work Together

    Questions? Comments? Just want to get to work? E-mail me!