• I'm Tabitha, and this is Every Day Faith Coaching

    Faith Based Life Coaching to Quicken Your God-Inspired Adventure.

    By faith, every great story of the Bible was completed. By faith, you have been saved. By faith, you step into your unique God-breathed adventure. Revitalize, refocus, and renew your faith to start God's adventure for your life.


    Together, you and I build a custom daily faith building practice designed to demolish the lies and fears that block your faith. Through intentional conversation and healthy accountability, you hone in on your dreams, set action steps, and master the changes needed to propel you to the next level. As your personal Growth Expert, I support you in harnessing growth opportunities through functional methods of change.


    There's nothing I love more than encouraging women in their faith; book a free consultation below!

  • Every Day Faith

    Life Coaching is...

    • Defining your God-inspired adventure.
    • Taking your faith to the next level.
    • Refocusing and taking action on the desires of your heart.
    • Renewing and preserving your heart for ministry.
    • Investing in your spirit to impact the kingdom.​

    Every Day Faith Life Coaching Does Not...

    • Replace therapy or counseling.
    • Give advice or solutions.
    • Focus on the coach's agenda, but rather on yours.
    • Assume that the coach knows more about your life than you do.
    • Force specific theology, but believes that the Word of God is the truth.
  • Meet Tabitha...

    Christian Coach and Growth Coach

    Every amazing adventure of the Bible starts with God telling a person to do something. What has God told you to do?


    I am a wife, dog mom, ballet dancer, and writer. I love adventure, spontaneity, and encouraging women in their faith!


    I believe God created each of us with an adventure, and I also believe that adventure doesn't always mean something crazy such as moving to Africa. Sometimes it looks like being the best Project Manager, best Dental Hygienists, best Barista, best Mom, or best Church Leader ever!


    I believe that transformation comes through the Word of God. I believe that if you ask God to change you, you better be ready! I believe that asking for support is the smartest and bravest things we can do. More about me here.



    This is your journey out of meh and into fearless adventure with God's love!


    Certificates and Training:


    2015 - 2016: Green Zone Life Coach Training with Kathy Indermill.


    2018: Christian Coach (CCS) and Growth Coach (LLC) through Christian Coaching School.


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  • Packages

    Every Package Includes:

    • Complimentary Consultation
    • 1 Hour Weekly Sessions
    • Welcome Gift Package
    • Weekly Post-Session Notes
    • Weekly Encouragement
    • Completion Gift Package

    The Maggie.

    • 3 Months
    • 12 x 1 Hour Weekly 
    • 3 Payments of $800
      Pay in Full:  $2200

    The Melena.

    • 6 Months
    • 24 x 1 Hour weekly
    • 6 Payments of $800
      Pay in Full: $4400
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