• I'm Tabitha, and this is Every Day Faith Coaching

    Faith Based Life Coaching to Quicken Your God-Inspired Adventure.

    God placed a dream in your heart; an adventure. But there is just something that blocks you every time, and frustration and disappointment are stealing your joy. Every Day Faith Coaching is here to support you in building your faith so that Jesus can reveal to you those blocks in order for you to live with faith greater than fear in your God-inspired adventure.


    Every Day Faith Coaching is founded on the belief that by faith we have been saved, and by faith, we live in alignment with God’s Word. When we focus daily on building our faith practice the inevitable by-product is to live more and more fully in the adventure He has created for you.


    Using the growth model, you and I identify what aspect of your daily faith you want to work on, create a game-plan, and hone in on realistic actions. Throughout our journey together I'm here to support, encourage, and keep energy focused on your intentions. The result is that you will be equipped by the Spirit with truth to blast your blocks, have confidence in your identity and authority in Jesus to beat lies, and be rooted and grounded in his love to experience God’s peace.


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  • Every Day Faith

    Life Coaching is...

    • Building faith stronger than fear.
    • Discovering God's healings truths about you.
    • Practicing the truths you discover.
    • Retraining thought habits to be in alignment with the Word.
    • Renewing and solidifying your understanding of God's perfecting love.

    Every Day Faith Life Coaching is Not...

    • Professional therapy or counseling.
    • Giving advice or solutions.
    • Denomination-specific, but believes the Word of God is the truth.
    • For anyone unwilling to do self-work.
    • Easy. If it were you would have done it on your own already. But it's totally worth it.
  • Meet Tabitha...

    Christian Growth Coach

    I am a wife, dog mom, ballet dancer, and Faith Coach. I love adventure, people, and supporting women to grow their faith!


    I believe God created each of us with an adventure. I believe that adventure doesn't necessarily mean preaching overseas or working at clinics in third world countries. It means being the best Mother, best Project Manager, best Dental Hygienists, best Barista, best Mom, or best Church Leader God has created you to be!


    I believe that transformation comes through the Word of God. I believe that if you ask God to change you, you better be ready! I believe that asking for support is the smartest and bravest things we can do. More about me here.


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    Certification and Training:


    2015 - 2016: Green Zone Life Coach Training with Kathy Indermill.


    2018: Certified Growth Coach through Lifeforming Leadership Coaching via Christian Coaching School.

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    Every Day Faith Coaching is for designed for women age 25+

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