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Blessings In the In-Betweens

· Every Day Faith

If you've been following my blog you know I've been tenaciously believing for paychecks. Well, I would be remiss if I didn't tell you about all things things that happened this week...

First, I got hired as an extra for an episode of a new comedy that was filmed at Bear Mountain! I was called for three days of filming, for 11 hours each day. Which means serious over time! It was such a beautiful experience to be on the mountain to early, gliding down the slopes in the sunrise and frozen morning air with no one around me. Amazing. If you saw my Instagram story you know how beautiful it was. (If we're not friends follow me! @tabithadancer!)

Second, our church asked if they could hire me to take over getting their freshly made website published! That combines so many things I'm happy to help with.

Third, I met a woman who was also an extra whom I may be able to write for in the future! I have written and do write for a lot of blogs other than this, and also website content, just in case you need some one. Portfolio site.

Fourth, Maria needed me as a sub this week, AND we've already set dates I'll be teaching this semester! Which is SO WONDERFUL because it means I get to part of the studio without having to drag her along for this crazy ride! My student...I'm so happy to be with them.

Fifth, there are stirrings, musings, and possibilities in the realm of life coaching meets Every Day Faith and I'm open and ready to see more of where that will take me.

All of this to say that my gratitude is pulsing large right now! While there is MUCH more to come this year and I know that the thing is still percolating, I am super thankful for and greatly relieved by these little presents from God in the in-between.

Also, I could have been given just one, boring, consistent job, but I get interesting, exciting, and unusual things because I was created with a spirit that thrives on adventure!

I trust for things to happen and realize that they always come. Abundance is arriving any moment now. (Thanks for reminding me of that word, sisterfriend.)

Another beautiful part of this week was making new friends! Smart ladies who love to play, laugh, and adventure! My favorite kind of girl!

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