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Every Day Faith: a Blog Series

A Cheat Sheet to Building Your Faith

· Every Day Faith

Welcome to the “Every Day Faith” blog series. This summer I was looking for a “cheat sheet” of prayer and scripture to use every day in building my faith. I didn't find what I was looking for so I just made my own as I went through verses and teachings. Which is what led to this!

I have the desire to grow this study guide into a thing, but in the meantime I'm sharing this truncated version for refining. So if you’re looking for a daily faith building habit builder this is here for you! And also let me know if it's worth growing it into something bigger.

Tomorrow I will post the first day! This 10 step practice is focused on creating a habitual prayer life based on intention and discipline. It leaves a lot of room for you to do you because no one’s walk is the same and the Holy Spirit leads us where we need to go for our individual hearts.

10 days. 10 steps. 10 days of prayer.10 days of starting the habit. 10 pictures of coffee and contemplation. 10 days that will lead to the next 10 days. To the next 10 weeks. To the next 10 years. To forever.

I am writing a blog to accompany each one with the first day being the longest because it outlines prayer. If you don’t like/need/want the posts feel free to ignore them and just use the scripture guide for yourself because TBH I am not the goal here. Relationship with God is.

I’ve been leaning on this practice for about 10 weeks now and I’m experiencing a change. Is that ridiculous that I love my own stuff? I don’t care. Because it’s working. I’m spending more time in prayer, I’m learning more scripture by heart, and I’m building the God kind of faith that I desperately need to be able to lean into real hard at the moment. INDEPENDENT of other people. Because while we do need community, we need our OWN relationship with God first.

Resources and tips:

  1. Bible. Duh. I doesn’t matter what form. Hard copy, browser, app, whatever. Just have one so you can read it. I am currently using (and by currently I mean for the past 8 years) YouVersion Bible App.
  2. Prayer Log, aka Prayer Journal, aka Prayer Diary, whatever you gotta call it in whatever form works for you. Moleskin, Notes, or a Hello Kitty diary with a lock. Wherever you can write things down and refer back to them later. If it’s paper, get yourself a pen you love. If it’s digital make a shortcut to get to it fast.
  3. Headphones. No explanation needed.
  4. Worship music for said headphones. Worship music doesn’t have to sound like 1998 Nashville. I’ve just started the quest for worship music that doesn’t make me gag so I’m a terrible resource. If you have music you love please share with a sister.
  5. Set an alarm in your phone to start your prayer time. Or be like me and have 4 alarms pacing my morning leading up to my prayer time so I can’t lose track of time, feel panicked that I’ve lost my whole day, and then skip my prayer time. This method is at a 67% success rate so far! Which is better than the previous 20% success rate without the alarms.
  6. Memorization app. I am learning to pray with scripture because I don’t want to lean on my own understanding. But that means I have to actually KNOW scripture. I’m thankful for how I was raised because there’s a lot tucked away in there, but still I need more. I’ve found a few apps that help me learn even more so that when I’m praying the Holy Spirit can freely lead me in truth using scripture.
  7. Accountability. A lot of people love this because it makes them do a thing.  If you would like to join me in this discipline of prayer please do! Leave comments on your daily practice so we can keep encouraging each other!! I’m happy to be a live journal and team mate!

Alright. That’s enough intro. Tomorrow! Let’s do this.


PS: if you subscribe right below here you'll get each day in your inbox so you don't have to go looking for it on social media. It's also an extra reminder to do you daily practice...if you want that.

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