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I'm a Joy Guide...


BIG NEWS from Tabitha. I’m unveiling my newest endeavor! I, Tabitha Bigbee-Highland, am a Joy Guide. What? Yeah, I know, kind of anti-climactic because no one knows what that is. Let me explain.

Elevator Pitch:

I am a fellow human who has been angry, hurt, and suffering. I am also a fellow human who has been given tools, talents, and training to live life more joyfully. The Joy Guide journey enables personal growth through intentional conversation and a noticing practice. Because before you can change something you must first notice it. I'm not interested in empty encouragement or goal setting and achieving. I'm interested in honest exploration that leads to more enjoyment of the life you were created to be living.

What it IS:

  • Intentional conversation.
  • Practice of noticing thoughts and feelings, and identifying their source.
  • Honest, non-judgmental reflection of your emotion and thought habits.
  • Clarity on who you truly are created to be.
  • Journey oriented.

What it is NOT:

  • Life coaching focused on a specific area of performance or achievement.
  • Pretending that everything is sunshine and rainbows in hopes that your head and heart will believe it.
  • Professional therapy.
  • External pressure or encouragement to fulfill pre-conceived expectation.
  • Goal oriented.

Joy Guiding trusts that the “real” you is in there, but clouded by stress, hurts, and lies about your value. Through a practice of noticing thoughts and feeling, identifying, and peeling every layer we uncover the “why” behind it all so you can honestly ascertain who you are and what you would like for your life. There is no arrival or winning or leveling up because I believe who you have been created to be is enough. Does that mean you’re living to the maximum of your potential? Maybe, maybe not. That’s up to you to discover along the journey. In the Joy Guide journey, you learn tools that do not change your circumstances, but change your reaction to them so you can feel joy, peace, and freedom in every situation no matter what. Life is going to be life, ups and downs will continue to occur, but you don’t have to go on the roller coaster unless you choose to.

That’s where I come in. I’m not a magical unicorn here to transfer powers to you, or who can see into your soul and tell you everything about your past, present, and futures. I’m just a human who has been given gifts and opportunities that enable me to walk alongside you in the journey, encouraging, empowering, and passing along knowledge. I’m a mirror, an unbiased friend, and an encourager of exploring the mess.

I believe in God and the outrageous, almost obnoxious, love that he has for us all. I believe that we’ve been created in his image, and that every single one of us are precious beyond measure! I am so stoked that I have the gifts of joy and encouragement because that means I get to know and love so many people! And that’s super satisfying. I do not require that you believe God or follow the Bible, but I lean on his truth.

Sharing this with all of you is scary because I genuinely have no idea where this journey is taking me! I DO know that I’ve been given the training, the gifting, and the resources to do this. I DO know that God has put the love of people in my heart. I DO know that the JOY of the Lord is my strength. And I ABSOLUTELY know that no matter what it will be fun!

If any of you are interested in being part of my FIRST ROUND of clients I want to hear from you! I am offering the 8 Session Package for $200 even though it’s priced at $1500, because I just want to share and discover this with people who really want it! Money can feel yucky and prohibitive, but it also symbolizes value in our culture which is why I’m not offering it up free of charge. However, it’s important for me to make it as accessible as possible out there in the world to see what happens and what becomes of my foray into Joy Guiding!

Please, don’t hesitate to send me questions about all of this! Even if you’re not interested in participating I would love to clarify anything you are unsure about.

Thanks for being my community and for being part of my journey. I couldn’t do life without all of you.

(Also, this new blog is part of a whole new website dedicated to this new journey in my life!)

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