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In-Between the Dream

...You're in or you're out.

Either you’re in or out of pursuing a dream.

There is no in-between.

In-between is fear and not knowing your heart.

If you’re not working towards it do you really want it?

It’s ok to not want it anymore.

That dream may have been your identity, but it’s ok to move on and grow.

The fear of “what else will I have?” is real, but also a GIANT LIE.

We are given limitless paths, dreams, energy, and love.

So, do you want that dream? Yes?

Ok, commit!

Get that dream. What do you WANT?!

What has been put in your heart that makes you who you are?

What dreams has God planted in you?

Dreams change.

Desires change.

We change.

That’s exactly how it’s supposed to be.

Sometimes it seems crazy to give up a dream when you’ve worked so hard.

Sometimes it seems crazy to start on a dream that by all usual standards is impossible.

The key is honesty with yourself. Psalm 37:4 “and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Chicken/Egg situation: are those desires from you or did your creator put them there? Ultimately, is there a difference if you’re living in his love? Do I need a philosophy course to figure this out?

Basically: what do you want?

Sit with yourself and ask. Be quiet. Give space for the answer.

The process of letting go or boldly taking hold is going to be different for every person every time.

What is being honest with yourself?

Reflecting on thought and feelings inside and examining them without judgment of expectation.

Removing the lenses of the world.

Removing the lenses of family and friends.

Removing the lenses of self.

Seeing what has been created inside you through the eyes of the one who made you.

Seeing yourself first as priceless.

Ferociously protected.

Obnoxiously loved.

Made unique and for a reason.

You were made on purpose.

Start asking yourself WHAT DO I WANT.

Let it simmer.

Let it steep.

Let it become a mantra. (Mantra: “a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation.”)

Give space for the answer to come.

Like, meditation and prayer. Quiet time.

In the meantime start cleaning house internally.

You’re gonna need for things to be in order to deal with the answer you get.

Whether it’s letting go of a dream or stepping into a dream you’re gonna need a strong and healthy heart.

Who and what supports healthy emotional habits and thought life for you?

People? Although wildly important even the most amazing people can fail us.

God? Pretty good track record of not failing people.

God isn’t good at giving us what we want but what we need, and sometimes that makes us feel like he’s failing us.

Your answers might not come right away.

Or it could flash into you in a second.

But once you get your answer: GO. DO. BE.

Let go.

Or grab hold.

And no matter what you do keep on sitting in the quiet time for direction.

Keep on learning to heal you heart.

Keep on leaning into the FACT that you are precious and loved.

Let go of toxicity.

Let go of lies.

Plug your ears when people say you can’t!

Listen to how you talk about yourself and your dreams.

Remove “can’t”, “never”, “won’t”, “hard”, and “tired”

Replace with “today this is a challenge”, “this is getting easier”, “I’m on the verge of a breakthrough”, “It’s taking a lot of energy so something big is about to happen”.

Energetically speaking if you’re putting loads of energy into a dream you've been given a reaction MUST and WILL happen. It’s just the laws of energy.

It might not look how you thought or wanted though.

And when you feel like you really are running out of juice…

Go back to the quiet time and get filled up.

Ask what you need to power up, and then do it.

Because you’re gonna be doing powerful things.

They may not be obvious, big, or recognized by the world; but you’re doing powerful things.

Trust the answer you get when you ask. (Tip: you’re allowed to ask for things to be made painfully obvious)

And keep on truckin’.

He’s got you. You’ve got this together.

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