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Life Audit II: January 2018

Life Audit: WAY more fun than a tax audit!

I did my first Life Audit in the summer of 2015. Obvi I blogged about it and you can find here. That post has full Life Audit instructions, if you'd like to read them. Basically, it's a collection of ideas, hopes, dreams, goals, and to-dos. You write them on 100 Post-It notes to get a snapshot of all your aspirations. There's no specific time line, so they can be things you want to do tomorrow, eventually, or before you die. They can be outrageous, or mundane. The purpose is to pull back layers of yourself and push past the usual 20-40 goals to dig deeper which allows the freedom to start dreaming bigger, wilder!

My decision to conduct this audit was inspired by two things 1) I assigned it to my younger sister as part of her Personal Development course, and I thought it would be good to practice what I teach. 2) I'm entering a new season in our life, and it is good for me to press into what's possible.

So I bought a pack of pink (my last were yellow) Post-Its, and set myself up for the audit! This time hot coffee and my own dog, but still Gilmore Girls. My sisters and I texted while we did our individual audits from our separate time zones; that was really fun and special!

Standard issue Post-It Notes.

This is as far as I got before hitting my first "stuck" spot. HA.

Thora, giving approval of the 8 categories my Post-Its divide in to. PS: dog items featured prominently in my first audit in 2015. All the heart eyes!!

Eight Categories emerged as I read through the notes after finishing off the pack. (Never set the categories before you start!)

From left to right: Travel, Joy Guide/Every Day Faith, Lifestlye/Wellness, Faith Practice, Financial, Tasks and To-Dos, Ballet, and Snowboarding.

What I Discovered:

  • I still want to travel. A lot. And this time with Brandon.
  • Which makes the item "teach Thora how to be away from us" is key.
  • Lifestyle/Wellness is the largest category while Joy Guide and Every Day Faith are the second largest. This perfectly demonstrates my beliefs about self care while supporting others.
  • There are not as many people goals on my list this time.
  • Faith practices are only featured on three notes, but encompass large "surface area" of life.
  • Finances showed up for the first time. I am ready to learn how to be wealthy enough to give and save a lot.
  • Children are mentioned for the first time.
  • Getting a second dog did NOT make it on to a Post-It!
  • Books I want to read! I've stopped reading as much in the last two years so I'm happy to see this.
  • Zoe is on several notes; she's clearly featured in my hopes for the future!
  • I will always want a Jeep Wrangler.
  • I do want a few more notes, so I may add the 10 I got shorted by what was available at K-Mart. Like Alexandra said in regards to the 90-pack, "Apologies to the last 10 dreams."

Making It Happen:

Next, ideally, I would sort these notes into a time-line of accomplishing each item. I don't love that part though because that makes me feel like a slave to my own dreams. At the same time I don't want them to just sit on my wall and not turn into action. Here's my solution:

  • Immediate to-do items were transferred into my Bullet Journal's February Monthly log.
  • Next, I'll go through the list and allocate items to the Future Log of my Bullet Journal.
  • Third, I'll create a list of items that require purchase and prioritize them by need and/or expense. I'll then put them into the budget I'm going to create, which is a step I'll be putting in my Future Log for this year. (Probably March.)
  • Finally, if it's a goal I hope to be consistent with I'll look in to ways to incorporate it into my habit tracker to start/keep up with that goal.
  • Anything left over will be put into a list, logged onto a page of my Bullet Journal, and that page will be added to my log for reference any time I want to check it out.

(Read my blog about Bullet Journaling. I'm terrible at planners, but I'm great at this journal.)

Final Thoughts...

I really hope some of you will try this! It's a fascinating practice that takes several hours, but is really worth it! The self-discovery is inspiring, acknowledging what you HAVE done is awesome, and speaking what you want is powerful.

When it was time for me to take the Post-Its of my first audit off the wall it was an eye opening gratitude practice. Items like, "have a dog" and "Do the Mongol Rally" had actually happened!

What I believed for came true.

Truly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain*, ‘Be taken up and thrown into the sea**,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will come to pass, it will be done for him.

Mark 11:23

*mountain = huge goal, dream, problem.

** thrown into the sea = handled.

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