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Motives of the Heart

We love to have an opinion on other people's actions. It's in every culture and sub-culture. We make snide remarks about how that girl spends too much money on clothes. We shake our heads at a tattoo we think is stupid. We read a status or caption and are so annoyed by their drama.

But WHY do we react that way when we CANNOT know their true heart. Does it make you feel better about your own choices? If that's necessary then how certain are you of the choices you're making? No one can see the motivation in some one else's heart. You cannot see why other choose what they choose any more than they can see in to the heart of you.

The spirit that motivates every action is always what truly matters. You may not know that she gives three times what she spends on shoes to a women's shelter. You may not know the heartbreaking story behind the stupid tattoo. You may not know how far that person has come already in healing and dealing with hurts (drama is just code for "hurting").

It's up to each of us to examine the motives behind our own actions to discern what is best.

Why am I choosing this?
Because I like it?

Because it makes people like me?

Because it makes me like me?

I cannot give you an exact formula of how to discern the motivations of your heart. Only you and your creator see in to the depths of your heart and mind.

I CAN give a few actions that stay your judgement on others. 1) Notice your snap judgments and stop yourself. 2) Get to know that person. Ask questions. Haven't you ever noticed that the more you care about and are invested in some one the more patience you're willing to have their obnoxious behaviors?

"All the ways of a man are clean in his own sight, But the LORD weighs the motives." Proverbs 16:2

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