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Scribe Bible Journal

The world's first HABIT-FORMING Bible study journal (backed by science).

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I am a HUGE FAN of Scribe Bible Journal. It's beautiful, thoughtfully constructed, and totally effective to help you set and keep the habit of daily word time! If you're already a user/fan of these faith-building journals just skip to the bottom where I show you who to win one through my Instagram account.

Scribe Bible Journal is the first habit-forming Bible tool that leverages your brain's chemistry to establish your devotional so you never forget your daily word habit! Here's how...

Scripture is clear, in order to grow closer to God we must be reading and meditating on Scripture daily (See Psalm 1). By leveraging the power of

"IF-THEN" planning, SCRIBE will help you double or triple the amount of time you spend in the Word almost effortlessly​.

  1. The beginning of the journal includes a tutorial of HOW to use the journal, as well as all the science behind why this method is so effective.
  2. It's BEAUTIFUL. Dove gray canvas exterior, quality paper, the all-essential bookmark, an elastic holds-it-shut band, and it's just the right fit-in-you-hand-and-bag. (A5 journal size for those of you who know what that means.)
  3. It teaches you how to think deeply on scripture. It does not GIVE you the verses; you pick the scripture and the journal walks you through HOW to study, understand, and apply. So you get to use your own bible and hear from your Creator through His Word. (Also, get the Every Day Faith Study Daily Scripture Guide here!)
  4. The very first practice is to WRITE out the verse you are studying. This is meditation because the physical act of writing forces your mind to focus on the Words and dwell on them.
  5. The journal sets you up for success for the next day; it's just SO PRACTICAL. Here's how it works: when you've done your reading that day you then decide on tomorrow's study time! It includes setting a cue/trigger of, "OH YEAH, WORD TIME". Plus, you get to set a reward for yourself when you complete your Word time. You decide on your reward. Go nuts. It's worth it.
  6. There's a section to write out your prayer that day - so you're getting your prayer AND meditation in!
  7. Scripture Memorization!  There's a prompt to work on scripture to memory! SO RAD! "I will hide your Word in my heart so that I will not sin against you." Psalms 119:11
  8. There are goal options! Want to get through a whole month without missing a day? You can do that! Want to commit to a long term reading plan? You can do that! And you can track your success/progress in a little challenge bar which is just so satisfying.

Why this works...

SCRIBE gives you the daily opportunity to reflect on and write down what makes you grateful to God. Know what Prozac does? It boosts the neurotransmitter serotonin. So does gratitude. Not only does engaging in thoughts of gratitude increase serotonin levels, but it also increases dopamine production in your brain while reducing levels of the stress hormone cortisol by as much as 23% (Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 84-2).

I can tell you that this would have helped me SO MUCH to establish my daily word habit! I discovered this journal AFTER I had set the habit, but bought one because I was so excited about the system that I had to see it. I thought it might be a good tool for the EDF community, and it exceeded my expectations!

WIN a SCRIBE Bible Journal!

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BUY a SCRIBE Bible Journal!

Want to skip the give-away and just buy one? Just click this button to order yours right now!

I am an affiliate! When you purchase a SCRIBE Bible Journal through the links posted by me Every Day Faith gets $5.

(Every Day Faith Study and Coaching: Establish, maintain, and grow your daily word habit to abide in Jesus thus building your faith and learning to hear from your Creator moment by moment.)

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