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Thrive Causemetics Review #2

Focus Eye shadow Palette and Matte Legacy Liquid Lipstick

The first time I used a Neti Pot black stuff came out of my face. My first thought was, "OH MY GOD THERE'S BLACK MOLD IN MY SINUSES." But I pushed pause on the panic and did a quick Google search. Turns out it was my eye make-up. Make-up gains direct access to our blood stream and our sinuses through our music membranes and tear ducts. Kiiiinda makes you re-think what's in your make-up, huh?

(Note: Google told me that my sinuses can't mold. Excellent news.)

Fast forward to this year when Instagram introduced me to Thrive Causemetics. The ingredients are actually non-toxic. There are a few brands out there that are parading as safe but you need to read the ingredients. I'm not going to name them because that's not nice, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

If you haven't read my love letter of a blog about their mascara, eye liner, and eye brightener you can find it here. Clearly I go crazy brand loyal when I find one I love. Since that post my collection has expanded to include the eye-shadow due and the best lipstick in the world!

Eye-shadow that doesn't throw shade.

In the last few years I've backed way off my eye-shadow game. Once I got the eye brightener I really didn't feel the need to slap on the powder. But, I decided to replace my TooFaced and MAC with Thrive's Focus Eyeshadow Palette Duo for my twice-a-month eye-shadow use. It felt good to purge and cleanse.

Feel: they are powder but they don't feel powdery like my MAC pots. When I swipe my brush in the color and then tap (because, duh) I don't see little puffs of shadow dust away. The formula clings to the brush and also my lid! I have stopped used a primer because I haven't found a non-toxic replacement (yet), and TBH I haven't really missed it with these shadows!

I had one event where I got to REALLY do my eyes, and it was fun to play with how these colors build and blend. It's hard to explain the feel of the powder because it DOESN'T feel like powder OR cream. It's creamy but blends like a powder. Alchemy? Possibly.

Color: the pigment is true to color from pot to lid and the shimmer is exactly what you would expect from looking at it. It's a little more shimmery in person than the pictures on line which I was like, "OH NO" at first because I am currently opposed to any shimmer, but it is NOT sparkly AT ALL. WHEW. The shimmer is there to throw light away from your eyes thus making them look wider and more awake. Never a bad thing.

Of course right after I bought my duo they launched the new Perfect Eye Palette in Warm Neutrals and I'm like, "GAH!! I LOVE THOSE!" But I consoled myself with the fact that it doesn't have the pink I wear. Look at it beautiful! I've never looked forward to running out of eye-shadow before.

Lipstick for a non-lipstick girl.

The Matte Legacy Liquid Lipstick. "A weightless, full-coverage, matte liquid lipstick that won’t dry out your lips. Powered by Lip Comfort Complex™ to provide long-lasting and hydrating color so comfortable you’ll forget you're wearing it. The cloud-like, cream-to-matte formula glides across your lips, depositing true color that sets in 30 seconds + stays put all day." YES. 100% accurate description.

I have Rowan and I love her. It's like my actual lip color but just MORE. Feather light and creamy when I first put it on; always flexible and soft while wearing. It really doesn't budge! I don't wear lip color because it's a pain and it's toxic, but this stuff has changed me. I have been wearing it almost daily for 3 weeks now. Let me walk you through the staying power of this stuff.

9:00am: application

9:07am: coffee

9:30am: first ballet class

12:33pm: lunch

1:20pm: hike with the dog through the woods

2:17pm: more coffee

3:00pm: second ballet class

4:30pm: teach a ballet class

7:45pm: dinner

9:30pm: ice cream

10:15pm: go to wash face before bed and realize that lipstick is still on

I am not making this up. This is one of my actual days. This is the actual staying power. The color lightens throughout the day, but the coverage doesn't peel or chip off in places, it never feels crackly or dry, and it does moisturize my lips. I would like to mention that I also wear the eye liner, brightener, and mascara through all of this.

This is me yesterday after teaching floor barre for an hour and half and rehearsal with 20 sweaty little girls for two and a half hours:

Sweaty, oily, tired, BUT MY MAKE-UP LOOKS GREAT!

I am considering also getting "Kaisa" the blush mauve and "Maureen" the plum mauve. WHO AM I?! While reevaluate who I thought I was all these years check out this gorgeous swatch from their Instagram.

TL;DR: I love this stuff. You should get it.

Every time you buy Thrive products they match your purchase and donate it to a woman thriving through cancer and domestic abuse. If you would like to purchase simply use this code to get a few bucks off:

(AND AS ALWAYS: I am not being paid by Thrive Causemetics, I am not an affiliate, they are not an MLM, and I'm not getting free product in exchange for reviews. I am simply a crazy fan girl.)

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