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What's new at Every Day Faith Coaching...

Free Daily Scripture Guide and Live Bible STudy

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What's NEW at EDFC:

1. Monthly Scripture Guides.

The Daily Scripture Guide is a list of scripture for every day of the month to support you in your Word Time Habit. They are short so that we can focus on what's being said, and so that we can implement the practice of writing out scripture in order to meditate on it.

2. Weekly Instagram LIVE Bible Study

Once a week we meet up on Instagram Live to read and explore the chunk of scripture we've been reading that week. We ask ourselves questions and let the Holy Spirit speak to us in the unique way we each need. We share our thoughts and what we're learning with the group. And we pray over each other and ourselves!

Want to get in on this?

If you are looking for community to encourage, solidify, continue, grow, and otherwise enrich your time spent getting to know Jesus (and thereby building your faith!) just drop me your e-mail and I'll make sure you get the Daily Scripture Guide as well as the Live Study dates and time!

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