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You Don't Quit

What is Maturity: a Series of Mini Blogs 9/16

Yep. Not giving up is a sign of maturity. One, maturity incorporates all of the things that keep you from giving up, and two if you as a mature person have decided to do it then it's something you shouldn't give up on!

This blogs builds on yesterday's "Find A Solution" because following through obviously requires one to always find a solution!

It starts little when we're little. You don't give up on cleaning your room; you learn that you can finish cleaning your room all by yourself. You start an overwhelming research paper; you finish the paper and learn you can do that, too. Starting with the little things and never giving up, always finishing, forges grit that builds and builds until you're completing incredible things.

What are you NOT giving up on right now?! Cheat sheet on things you'll need to follow through:

  • Absolutely assurance that you're going to finish it. That belief in your heart of hearts that you're doing this.
  • Support. Family, friends, mentors, coffee. All the things you need to give you encouragement to finish.
  • Good habits. So your self care can stay on track whilst you complete you goal.
  • Patience. Because frequently it takes longer than you expect. And that's 100% ok.
  • A plan. Every general gets a strategy of attack. You are like that general. Tally ho.
  • Trusting that the promises you've been given from God. If you don't know what I'm talking about I'll get there eventually. Hang tight.
My latest goal has been this blog series. Today it's 8:40pm, I have been on the go since 8:30am, but I HAVE TO FINISH TODAY'S BLOG because I promised myself I would publish a blog every day for 16 days. I will not break this streak even though I need dinner and Thora really wants to play! (Thora is my dog.) I WILL PERSEVERE! And maybe I'll learn my lesson and start writing these in advance. See? Maturity brings all kinds of lovely development and lessons.
No matter what you have in your life that you're conquering: don't give up. Every win makes you stronger for the next. You've got this.
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