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    Tools to establish, maintain, and grow your Daily Word Habit

    The Jesus Handbook


    The Jesus Handbook is a daily resource for understanding the teachings of Jesus. Before Jesus left the earth, He said, "If you love me, keep my commandments." Each one of His commandments are found in this book. His commandments will navigate you on the narrow path that leads to abundant life.

    Scribe Bible Journal


    Get your quiet times done and grow closer to God. Making time to read and meditate on Scripture everyday can be hard. Meet the world's first HABIT-FORMING Bible study journal (backed by science).


    This is an affiliate link. So when you buy a Scribe Bible Journal through this link $5 of your purchase is given to Every Day Faith by LyfeBooks at no extra cost to you.

    EDF Daily Scripture Guide

    And Live Bible study


    Scriptures for you to reference every day of the month to establish and stick with your Daily Word Habit.

    Join the Instagram Live Bible Studies throughout the month to process the Word in community.

    YouVersion Bible App


    Already installed on over 370 million unique devices all over the world, the Bible App offers a free Bible experience for smartphones, tablets, and online at Bible.com. Our generous partners make it possible for us to offer 1,886 Bible versions in 1,294 languages for free, and without advertising.

    Echo Prayer App


    Echo exists to help you pray.
    We believe that prayer is a powerful and effective way for us to connect with God. Echo Prayer is a free app that helps you keep track of your prayers, reminds you to pray throughout the day, and lets you share prayer requests with others.

    Download Echo Prayer today for free.

    The Verses Project


    The Verses Project creates musical and visual art that helps people memorize and meditate on scripture.

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