My full name is Tabitha Sarah Bigbee-Highland and I'm 36 years old. I am married to an amazing man named Brandon, we live in the mountains outside Los Angeles, and we are proud/exasperated parents of a strong-willed but sweet dog named Thora.


    I love pink, I can't decide if I drink too much or not enough coffee, I love travel adventures, and I am a terrible baker. I am a left-brained ENFP, and someday we will adopt children.


    I am a ballet dancer and teacher. Ballet is an incredible story of God's plans and blessings for my life! It is my gift and my passion.


    I'm a fellow human who has struggled with failure, confusion, uncertainty, and lies of the enemy. I'm a fellow believer who has struggled with faith and church, and what does it all mean. But through all these things I have been loved by my creator and his promises are the truth I live by today!


    I don't think that what worked for me will work for you which means I will never tell you what to do. You are the expert of your own life, and I trust the Spirit of God inside you. I know God has plans for each of us, and I have the training and the heart to believe in you as the amazing woman God created!


    I was homeschooled for 9.5 years by a mom who grew an organic garden, baked homemade bread, and believed in non-toxic products all before it was cool. I’ve had a complicated road with my faith. I’ve had many varied jobs from trail guide through the wilds of Canada to a manager at a wedding dress store. I was diagnosed with a debilitating auto-immune disease when I was 24, but through the promises of God and holistic healing, I was healthy by the time I was 30. I am an info-addict and constant Googler. Once, I drove a teeny hatchback 10,000 miles from England to Mongolia with a team of 5 women as part of the 2016 Mongol Rally.


    I felt lost for most of my 20’s. I battled border-line anorexia starting in high school. I’ve allowed myself to be used in an attempt to feel loved. I fight the fight against joy-stealing perfectionism every day. I hate conflict; I have tended to let it fester rather than take care of it. In the past, I have chosen momentary fun over my need to grieve which resulted in self-destructive behavior. I continually discover and confront fears that hold me back from living in the full adventure of who I am created to be. I continually deepen my understanding of the world through Christ rather than through self.


    2015 - 2016: Green Zone Life Coach Training with Kathy Indermill.


    2018: 2018: Certified Growth Coach through Lifeforming Leadership Coaching via Christian Coaching School.

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