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How Noticing and Capsule Wardrobes Go Together

How does the Joy Guide practice fit in with a capsule wardrobe? NOTICING. Every step of the process in creating a smaller, intentional closet requires noticing how and why you feel the way you do. Which is an EXCELLENT practice to then take into more challenging areas of life!

How my capsule is different from many other people, and I share it with you in this vlog. Also, how I shop and how I think about personal style.

Mentioned in the video:

Truncation Blog by Karen Rambo. It's maybe slightly weird that I follow her so much? But she's so real! Her babies are adorable! She's got amazing experience and advice on shopping ethically and living the capsule wardrobe life. Check her whole list of Ethical Shops

Poshmark is either amazing or horrendous. Here are several blogs I've written about how to make it work for you and not get screwed over. Poshmark code: BGVXV

Lotta from Stockholm: I've got a pair of clogs about to arrive! I've update you after I've worn them for a bit!

Sevilla Smith: the booties I'm considering purchasing to replace my worn out pairs of brown boots.

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