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What is Maturity: a Series of Mini Blogs 12/16

Didn't you already cover this, Tabitha?

Yes, but NO! I've written about a few signs and traits of maturity that ENABLE you to remain steadfast in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. Perseverance implies still standing when the chaos has died down. Perseverance is what successful pilgrims and pioneers and explorers and parents all have in common.

What are the things that empower you to persevere that have already been written about in this series? Self-Discipline. Problem solving. Never giving up.

Perseverance implies endurance. Those people who run marathons and do Iron Man races have serious perseverance. Finishing years of higher education takes perseverance. Learning to live fully in the present requires perseverance. Someone with perseverance most likely exhibits several of the other attributes of maturity as well because it's one of those things that doesn't just magically happen over night. Some people are born with more of an inclination for perseverance, but they too have to develop the muscle.

I love my ballet students who are strong willed not because they're harder to have in class, but because I know they have the potential to grown into amazing adults who will not be stopped in the pursuit of living their best life. Here's another place where I get to talk about ballet; classical ballet training builds perseverance starting when you're just a kid. Maybe that's part of why so many successful people have ballet training in their background?

You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised. (Hebrews 10:36)

There are a lot of inspiration posts about perseverance. Keep going! You can do it! That's great. But what's your oomph behind the pretty words? Empty encouragement can start to feel mocking and condescending. What force helps keep going against the odds? Your faith? Your belief in the purpose? Just because you started it a long time ago and have stubbornly stuck with it? Find clarity of what force sustains your persistence so that you can refresh yourself when needed.

I'm a faith girl myself. When I want to give up I remind myself that I am perfectly made with a purpose that is solely mine, that even while I am discovering the fullness of my purpose I am fulfilling what I've been created for. Whether it's feeling hard or whether it's feeling easy I remember that words are powerful. I speak encouragement and life over myself even when I'm not feeling it. I meditate on all that I've been given, I meditate on God's borderline obnoxious love for me, and I carry on.

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