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    Faith Focused Growth Coaching to Quicken Your God-Inspired Adventure.

    You have a God-inspired Adventure in you. It may be big or small according to the world's standards, but to Him, it is the most important thing. The choices, decisions, challenges, and obstacles you face along the way require faith stronger than fear. Every Day Faith Coaching supports you spiritually and practically in the decision and discipline of strengthening your faith in order to operate in obedience with confidence. I use the Growth Conversation model which relies on the Holy Spirit to facilitate break-through and arrive at God's truth about you and your adventure.


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    Every Day Faith Coaching is for designed for women age 25+

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  • Meet Tabitha...

    Christian Growth Coach

    I am a wife, dog mom, ballet dancer, and Growth Coach. I love adventure, people, and supporting women in growing faith!


    I become a coach and founded Every Day Faith Coaching to live my adventure of believing in and encouraging women to fully inhabit their uniqueness! God created you for a purpose in the world; an essential part of His tapestry. Your Creator will direct every step of the adventure of being you if you'll only listen.


    More about me here.


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    Certification and Training:


    2015 - 2016: Green Zone Life Coach Training with Kathy Indermill.


    2018: Certified Growth Coach through Lifeforming Leadership Coaching via Christian Coaching School.

  • The Tea on Tabitha

    Host of Devoted Dreamers Podcast

    "Tabitha has such a warm and confident way about her. I love the way she explained Growth Coaching to me at the start and how she pursued her own curiosity as we talked through my struggle in our first session. She asked helpful and challenging questions; she pushed me a little extra when she believed I could do more (and I could, so that was awesome!). And she had great follow-up after our call.

    If you're looking for clarity or a push of accountability to get started/keep going on a dream, your time will be well-spent with Tabitha!"

    Author, Ministry Leader, Rancher

    "Our coaching session wasn't anything like I expected! I honestly thought (and maybe hoped) she would just tell me what to do so I didn't have to think anymore. But nope, that wasn't what we did. Tabitha helped me to dig deeper, get to the root of my overwhelm and come up with a plan that made sense for me.

    One of the best aspects of working with Tabitha is her ability to ask questions that lead you to discovering the answer was already in you! Her unique way of getting you to dig deeper and explore situations with a new lens is refreshing."

    Founder of Christian Coaching School

    "Tabitha is a deeply intuitive coach who has the ability to ask questions that really get to the heart of your issue and lead to breakthrough. Her combined passion for her client's well-being AND their success makes her able to tend to your heart while empowering you "get it done."

    If you want to see progress and transformation, Tabitha can help you do both! Above all, she has a deep commitment to the Lord that will inspire you to draw nearer to Him through it all!"

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